Our Story

Pasta Runs in Our Family

Julius Facenda, owner of D’town Dumplings, found his zest for food as a young boy. Spending many weekends visiting China Town with his family, he gained exposure to the wonderful world of cooking, and specifically, developed a fondness for Chinese cuisine. This was a passion that would not soon be forgotten, and would instead be carried with Julius for the rest of his life.


After many decades participating in all walks of the restaurant industry, Julius’s heart landed back where it all began– with Chinese cuisine. To honor his love for the art of cooking, Julius decided the purest way to showcase his zeal was to open a specialty dumpling shop. And so, D’town Dumplings was born. In this space Julius is able to showcase his mastery of this craft. Through creating innovative versions of traditional items, Julius and the D’town Dumpling team keep their customers excited, satisfied, and ready to come back for more.


For additional information, contact Julius directly at info@dtowndumplings.com, or message him on Facebook at @DtownDumplings